Waterwise Systems

At Waterwise, awareness of our precious planet's depleting natural resources has driven us to create a cutting edge environmental solutions team.

Waterwise systems was created from the erstwhile Aquapure water purifiers manufactured by Roman Industries.

In the short span of 5 years, Waterwise has emerged as a leader in water management systems. We offer fully integrated solutions which address all user requirements.

Our product portfolio offers renewable energy resource systems for water, wind, solar and waste management.

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Environmental Management Systems

  • Rainwater Harvesting Systems.
  • Solar Water Heating Systems.
  • Borewell Installation.
  • Sewage Treatment Plant [STP] & Effluent Treatment Plant [ETP].
  • Wind Energy Systems.
  • Solar PV Hybrid Systems.
  • Building Consultancy & Material.
  • Landscaping & Vermi - Composting Solutions.

Onsite Waste Management Systems

  • Vermi- composting systems.
  • Organic waste converters.
  • Domestic waste converters.

Domestic Systems

  • Ultra Violet Water Purifiers [ DrinkSafe ] of 200 Lph to 100,000 Lph Capacities.
  • Reverse Osmosis Purifier [ HydrodewMax ].

Commercial Systems

  • Swimming pool projects.
  • Water body Systems.
  • Automated Pre Cooler Water Purification Systems.
  • Hot And Cold Water Dispensers.
  • Customised Coolers and Cold Storages.

Industrial Systems

  • Sand Filters, Activated Carbon Filters , Sediment Filters.
  • Centralised Ultra Violet Water Purifiers of 200 Lph To 100,000 Lph Capacities.
  • Reverse Osmosis Systems [R.O.].
  • Non-Chemical Anti Scaling Devices.
  • De-Mineralisation and Mix Bed D.M Plants.
  • Centralised Gas and Electrical Water Heating Systems.
  • Hydro Pneumatic Water pumps and Water Distribution Systems.
  • Sensor Based Pump Automation System.

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