Est. 1976

Who we are

Our journey as Roman Group started with the vision of Mr. Bhupen Chheda in 1976. What began as a dream to seek business opportunities in manufacturing and trading laid the foundation for an organization that today has become a renowned brand in Real Estate. The Roman Group with its legacy of a 100 years of Khimji Velji Foundation comes with immense trust and is working since towards community development.

Key Features

The Roman group was established in the field of manufacturing specialized engineering products. We are Pioneers of electronic weighing scales in India. The Roman Group has powered multiple companies and continues to do so in verticals like Environmental Engineering, Event Management, Trading and more.

  • Legacy

    With a legacy of over 100 years of the Khimji Velji Foundation, we are deep rooted to ethics and our network extends globally.

  • Trust

    We encourage and follow fair business practices and transparency since the very day our organization was formed. Our associates are happy with us for the very same reason.

  • Strong network

    With over 4000 dealers in Mumbai (HQ) and over 1000 associates globally.

  • Serving the community

    Serving the community not by charity, but by training, teaching and mentoring the ones in need, so that they can be independent.

  • Expanding globally

    Our social business model helps boost other businesses

  • Dynamic team

    We are a great mix of high energy youngsters and industry veterans helping us create a powerful dynamic team

Verticals Powered By Roman Group Today

Townships, Infrastructure & Real Estate Development 100%
Water & Environment Management Systems 100%
Product Research, Product Development & Branding 100%
Building Management 100%
Event Management 100%
Tours & Travel 30%
Camp Sites 80%

Our Services

Along with our aspirations to grow, we have always remained committed to our heritage. We nurture a vision to empower the community around us by creating a sustainable economy - with better job prospects, increased opportunities and preservation of art and heritage. We,

Save Nature

Quality solutions for a better tomorrow to conserve the environment by smart utilisation of wind, water, solar and waste.

Build Cities

Creating self Sustainable townships that accelerates progress and generates employment globally.

Manage Wealth

We help build, manage and preserve Wealth to fulfil your aspirations.

Empower Startups

Power startups that develop and deliver innovative and advanced applications which bring tangible benefit to the country as a whole.


Our asset is our dynamic team, a team of dedicated, creative and young problem solvers are led by the young at heart industry veterans and philanthropists.


Bhupen Chheda



Nayna Desai

Managing Director


Rahul Desai