Training and Workshops

Our Training and Workshop modules are fast becoming a preferential address for imparting the finest management and training programs. The institute is closely related to Indian industry and showcases research as well as case studies while inspiring diversity in management perspectives.

With a team of management consultants and academicians on board, we continue to motivate and educate individuals globally through our unique programs.

Customised training for Corporates, BFSI Companies, ITES (BPO's and KPO's), Hospitality, Retail etc.

Our programs include:

Leadership Development

  • Leadership From The Front.
  • Creating a Trust Based Work Enviorment.
  • Respect Begets Respect.
  • Credibility Counts.
  • Interpersonal Skills.
  • Leadership Communication.
  • Ethics And Values.

Ethical Leadership

  • Focus on team building.
  • Value driven decision making.
  • Leadership by examples.

Employee Engagement

  • Macro Analysis.
  • Leadership communication .
  • Self-drive.
  • Team dynamics.

Performance Enhancement

  • Accountability.
  • Professionalism.
  • HRM.

Conflict Resolution

  • Handling mistakes.
  • Cultural Diversity.
  • Value orientation.

Leadership Style and Tendencies

  • External awareness.
  • Adaptability.
  • Learning and unlearning.

Modern Leadership Skills

  • Networking.
  • Gadget friendly.
  • Jargons and communication trends.


  • Initiative, Adaptability.
  • Stress management.
  • Management control systems.

Business Networking and Planning

  • Session Planning.
  • Event Planning.
  • Leadership Roles.

Our faculty will transform the students of today into the entrepreneurs of tomorrow. The following programs will help expand your horizons and kick start your career.

Choose The Right MBA School

MBA schools are a dime a dozen, and the choice is wide and deep. What befits your academic achievements, professional goals, personal preferences and financial limitations is a multi-dimensional puzzle much like a Rubik's Cube. The credibility of the institution, quality of faculty and specialization of your choice; campus-placements (at average salaries) are all matters of concern. This program gives you tips on selecting the right institution and the program that meets your given multi-dimensional challenges whilst ensuring your professional goals.

Group Discussing and Personal Intervies Skills

A group discussion (GD) is a simulated exercise, where you cannot suddenly put on a show, since the evaluators will see through you easily. This program gives you tips on GD and how to handle them to ensure a positive outcome.

A personal interview (PI) is a F2F, one-on-one (or many) and structured exercise to evaluate your potential vis-`a-vis your CV for the given JD or positions vacant in an organisation or for the PG program. Large organisations have professional interviewers who are experienced and trained personnel. This program gives you tips on PI and how to wow them.

Employablity Skills

Your academic curriculum is largely based on pedagogy of knowledge dissemination for the streams chosen by you. This seldom deals with any soft skills required for your professional or career launch. An employability skill (ES) is a soft-skill attribute and right attitude required for any job. This program gives you tips on how to deal with understanding yourself (awareness), then honing your strengths, reducing or weakness and harnessing good skills. This also gives you tips on show-casing the better side of your personality traits, social graces, linguistic ability, personal habits, friendliness, and an optimistic approach

Campus 2 Corporate

A Campus 2 Corporate (C2C) is a passport of easy passage to a corporate career. The transition from academic to professional life is quite challenging. If you are not ready to change to the new environments, it can gouge your guts out even if you have enviable academic excellence. This program gives you tips on how to deal with the journey to be a good employee, manager or a leader. It gives you a complete overview on the expectations of MNCs and other industry sectors.

Career Launcher

Our faculty will transform the students of today into the entrepreneurs of tomorrow. The following programs will help expand your horizons and kick start your career.

A Career launcher (CL) is a comprehensive and composite program covering all the above including subsets of brain-mapping and psychometric tests, counselling and career mapping.

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